Rigid Athletic Tape – 15M Roll

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Roll Size

1.5" x 15 yds

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Use DynaPro Rigid Athletic Tape prior to training or competition for superior protection for injured areas, or to reduce the risk of injury. This latex free adhesive strapping tape will give equal or better protection than tapes with latex adhesives while offering none of the potential medical reactions.

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DynaPro Rigid Athletic Tape is an adhesive strapping tape with an extremely strong adhesive and a rayon backing. You can use it for strapping and support in areas where there is risk of injury or re-injury. Unlike many other rigid strapping tapes on the market, our Rigid Athletic Tape is 100% latex free. There are many advantages of using latex free medical tape alternatives. You will not need to use it in conjunction with any underwrap or other protective barrier. Patients with allergies or sensitive skin will be able to use it directly against the skin for greater support and stability for injured areas.

You can cut this strapping tape tape with scissors. The robust construction makes accurate tearing by hand too difficult to be practicable.

One roll of DynaPro Rigid Athletic Tape measures 3.8cm x 13.7m (1.5 ins x 15 yds).

What Is Strapping Tape Used For?

Strapping tape is usually used to treat ligament tears or sprains or other joint injuries. These injuries can often cause serious joint instability. So strapping tape can help to stabilize the joint and reduce the pain from the injury.

Additionally, if you are recovering from an injury of the type described above and are looking to return to activity as soon as possible, strapping tape can help to stabilize the joint for an initial period and reduce the risk of re injury. It can also help to restore your confidence in the health of the joint, so that you can focus on your performance without any distractions.

Please note that, unlike kinesiology tape, strapping tape is not designed to be worn for long periods. It uses a very strong adhesive but the intent is to provide a high level of support for a short time instead of being worn for a long period. It is also designed to be used during physically activity (competing or training) when it may be called upon to withstand the more intensive forces on the protected joint. So, if you are looking for a longer term source of joint support, you may need to consider another type of athletic tape such as kinesiology tape or porous zinc oxide tape.

Strapping Tape – Application Tips

Before applying this adhesive strapping tape, we suggest that you shave the area to which to intend to apply it. We also recommend cleaning the area using a tape remover. You should also cover any rash or broken skin using a non stick wound pad.

For best results, you should apply this strapping tape when your joint is at its “at rest” position and is neither flexed nor extended. The tape will not stretch, so you should also be careful to ensure that you apply the tape tightly enough to get the required support, but not too tight to interfere with your circulation. If you experience numbness, tingling or a cold feeling after application, remove the tape and re-apply with reduced tension.

For maximum support, we suggest you overlap each successive layer of strapping tape tape by one third to one half an inch.

Remove the tape as soon as you have finished training or competing, preferably using bandage scissors and/or a tape remover spray.

Removal Tips

As mentioned, strapping tape uses a powerful adhesive. When removing it, be careful to avoid skin damage. You may find it easier if you place a warm, wet cloth over the tape for a few minutes before you start to peel it away from your skin. Another suggestion would be to put baby oil around the edges and leave it for a few minutes before you start to remove the tape.


Roll Size

1.5" x 15 yds

Priced Per:



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