SelfWrap Bandages

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Our latex free and hypo allergenic DynaPro SelfWrap Bandages will provide injury prevention and/or treatment benefits across a wide range of scenarios. They are an essential component of any training bag or first aid kit.


DynaPro Selfwrap is a self adhesive bandage that adheres to other bandages during application and not to skin, hair or other materials. This facilitates removal of the bandage and makes it pain free for the patient.

Like DynaPro StretchLight, these bandages are elastic and can therefore provide therapeutic compression. In addition, the therapist can adjust this compression to any given situation. For example, a minor finger sprain may require very little compression while a heavily bleeding wound may require a lot more.

Unlike many other self adhesive bandages on the market, our SelfWrap Bandages are latex free and hypoallergenic. They are therefore the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. They are also hand tearable.

SelfWrap Bandages also feature versatility and the ability to adapt to a wide range of injury scenarios. You can vary both the tension of the bandage and the number of layers you apply to the injured area to apply different levels of compression and support. Increasing the amount of “stretch” in the bandage during application will also increase the compression.

You can also simultaneously adjust the degree of support through the choice of the number of layers applied. The higher the number of layers, the greater the degree of support. This is especially the case as you press the layers together and exploit the cohesive properties of the material.

Another important advantage of Dynapro SelfWrap Bandages is their reusability. Since they do not use or rely on an adhesive, they do not lose their stickiness over time. Hence, if you make a mistake in applying the bandage or would like to adjust it, you can simply remove and reapply it. You can also reuse the bandage as often as needed.

Tensile strength of these latex free self adhesive bandages is 35 Newtons/inch.

DynaPro SelfWrap Self Adhesive Bandages – Other Uses

DynaPro SelfWrap Bandages have a wide range of additional applications across many sports:

  • In soccer, for example, they are useful in holding up socks and shin pads;
  • Goalkeepers also use them for increased protection to the hands, wrists and fingers;
  • In addition to their usefulness in supporting injured joints, they can support ice or heat packs or even hold wound dressings in place.

DynaPro SelfWrap latex free self adhesive bandages come in white and in 4 sizes – 2″ x 5 yds, 3″ by 5 yds, 2″ x 6 yds and 3″ x 6 yds.. You can buy them by the case (24 rolls /case for the 2″ and 16 rolls/case for the 3″). Each roll is individually sealed in an airtight plastic wrap to keep it in pristine condition until you are ready to use it.




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