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The DynaPro Shoulder Pulley has a quiet and smooth pulley mechanism and is a great accessory for rehabilitating an injured shoulder, increasing range of motion or even exercises designed to help prevent future injuries.

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The DynaPro Shoulder Pulley has a quiet and smooth mechanism and is a great accessory for exercise and rehabilitation of an injured shoulder by gradually increasing the range of motion. It is an apparatus that you can hook over the top of a door. It has a small pulley system near the top. In addition a rope, terminated with handles, hangs down from the pulley. There are many exercises that you can do at home using this pulley while maintaining social distancing.

Benefits Of Using This Pulley

The pulley is easy to use and you can mount it in a doorway or any other overhead mounting. A low cost and user friendly device that will help increase your range of motion. It may also even prevent possible shoulder injuries by training and strengthening the joint. Although you can use the pulley at home, you should ensure that you use it under the supervision of your doctor or physiotherapist. If you pursue excessively aggressive range of motion exercises too soon, you can actually injure your shoulder and set back healing progress.

In addition to the above benefits, the pulley is 100% latex free. Available in green.

Shoulder Pulley Applications

You can use the shoulder pulley to treat a wide range of shoulder injuries including frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries or shoulder bursitis. It has a stopper end that you can anchor on a door jamb. The pulley mechanism uses active assistive motion to rehabilitate shoulder function after you have suffered an injury or undergone shoulder surgery. In addition to helping restore shoulder function, the pulley can help to promote blood flow through the injured shoulder. This will in turn promote recovery.

Pulley Exercises

We have set out below a few of the most popular shoulder pulley exercises:

Shoulder Flexion

Mount the pulley on a door jamb. Place a chair against the door and sit in it facing away from the door. Grasp the handles of the pulley with one handle in each hand. Then pull down on the pulley handle that is in your healthy arm. The pulley will lift your injured arm over your head. Pull the injured arm to the maximum comfortable height. This exercise is illustrated by the left upper and lower left diagrams below.

Shoulder Abduction

Position the chair sideways to the door with your injured arm closes to to the door. Grab the shoulder pulley handles (one in each hand) and pull your injured arm up to your side as high as is comfortable. Then pull down with your good arm and hold for as long as you can.

Shoulder Internal Rotation

Stand with your back to the doorway. Reach over your head with the healthy arm and grab one handle of the pulley. Reach behind your back with the injured arm and grab the other pulley handle. Pull down with your good arm; this should pull the other (injured) arm further up your back. Hold this position for as long as you can.

These 3 exercises will help improve your shoulder range of motion. You can repeat these exercises as frequently as 3 times daily. However, before you finalize your exercise program, you should consult with your physiotherapist on the exercises you should include in your program and on how frequently to perform them.

Shoulder Pulley Excercises
Shoulder Pulley Excercises
Priced Per:

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