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KN95 Respirator – Pack of 20


The KN95 respirator can help to protect you from infection by corona viruses including the virus responsible for COVID-19 disease. It can also be used to protect those working in construction and renovation from inhalation of paint, smoke or other dangerous fumes.

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Our KN95 Respirator is a five-laminate design, with dual non woven and melt blown layers as well as a single hot air cotton layer.  The first (outer) layer is made from non woven fabric and the next two layers are made from melt blown fabric. The fourth and fifth layers are made from hot air cotton and non woven material respectively.

The KN95 Respirator with 5 layers - 2 non woven, 2 melt blown and one hot air blown layer.
5 Layer Design Of The KN95 Respirator

The executive standard of the KN95 is GB2626-2006 and the respirator measures 22cm x 16.5cm. This standard represents a filtration rate of 95% or more non oil 3 micron sized articles. Testing results for our KN95 display filtration rates of 99% or more.

The GB2626-2006 standard also requires inhalation and exhalation resistance levels of not more than 350 Pa and 250 Pa respectively with an 85 L/min flow rate. Testing results for our KN95 respirator show resistance levels of under 150 Pa and 120 Pa respectively. This means that our KN95 will therefore allow you to continue breathing with minimal difficulty while providing high levels of protection from harmful particles and bacteria.

Total Inward Leakage (TIL) levels of our KN95 are also well within the levels required by the GB2626-2006 standard.

Our KN95 also uses head strap harnessing instead of the more conventional earloops in order to ensure a tight fitting seal around the contours of your face. It also uses metallic nasal splints in order to further ensure a contoured fit to widely varying facial shapes.

The KN95 will help to protect you against infection by viruses such as the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease. In general, the KN95 will filter particles and block droplets, blood, body fluids and secretions. As mentioned, it will  filter 95% of non oil 3 micron sized articles while allowing you to breathe normally.

KN95 Respirator – Cautions

The KN95  Respirator does not supply oxygen. Use it only in adequately ventilated areas containing sufficient oxygen to support life. Do not use this respirator if oxygen concentration is less than 20%. A properly selected respirator is essential to protect your health. Before using this respirator, consult a safety professional to determine the correct respirator for your requirements.

  • Do not use when contaminants are present;
  • If breathing becomes difficult, or dizziness occurs, leave the area;
  • Facial hair can compromise the effectiveness of the KN95 respirator. For best results, please shave your beard or moustache before using it;
  • Never alter or modify this respirator in any way;
  • This respirator is for single use only. Discard after use, and wash your hands after disposing of it.
  • For best results, store the respirator away from direct sunlight.

The KN95 is fully equivalent to the N95 NIOSH respirator. It is available in packs of  20.

For more information about masks and respirators, you can read this article. You can also review our tips for how to safely use an N95 respirator.

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