Kinesiology RestoreTape – 31.5M Roll

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Beige, Black, Blue, Red

Roll Size

5CM x 31.5M

The 31.5M roll of RestoreTape may help your patients with problems such as sore muscles, carpal tunnel or even muscle strains and sprains. They can wear this tape for up to 4 to 5 days of possible relief. It is 100% hypoallergenic  and a great choice for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.


Our Kinesiology Tape in a 31.5M RestoreTape Roll is a superior quality and conveniently sized K Tape product for clinics or other professional applications that use larger volumes of tape on a daily basis. As with our 5M roll, this product may (in conjunction with other treatments) help to reduce the pain your patients are experiencing.

K Tape Benefits

Possible K Tape benefits may include faster recovery of sore & aching muscles, sprained ligaments, carpal tunnel syndrome or strained muscles and tendons.  Kinesiology Tape – 31.5M Roll may also help your patients gain relief from many overuse injuries.

Another benefit of K Tape is its extreme versatility. It may help your patients if applied to their backs, shoulders, necks, knees, wrists, elbows, feet or ankles. You can use it wherever they are experiencing soreness or pain. It may lift the skin over your patients’ injured muscles and other tissues. This in turn may help to facilitate their blood supply ( as well as the supply of other restorative fluids) to the injured area. The benefits of this  may include reduced pain. In addition, it will do so without interference with the patient’s performance of his/her daily activities.

The Kinesiology Tape  – 31.5M RestoreTape Roll is manufactured entirely from premium quality cotton. It is also non restrictive, hypoallergenic and water resistant. Even patients who have experienced latex allergies or who have sensitive skin have no cause for worry, as Kinesiology RestoreTape – 31.5M  is 100% latex free.

How To Use Kinesiology RestoreTape

For examples of how to use K Tape, you can consult our Kinesiology RestoreTape demonstration videos page.

Before Use

Generally speaking, we would suggest the following principles as you prepare to use this K Tape product :

  • Make sure your skin is clean and dry before you apply the tape. Otherwise the adhesive may not work as well as you would wish. This tape is designed to be worn for periods of up to 4-5 days for best results. To maximize the life of a tape application, we would also recommend avoiding the use of oils, creams, perfumes and lotions on the area where you intend to apply the tape;
  • If you have hair on the area to which you intend to apply the tape, we would suggest shaving the area before application (clipping would be good, but shaving would be ideal);
  • Do not use the tape on broken or damaged skin;
  • If you have sensitive skin, or a history of allergies, we suggest that you test Kinesiology RestoreTape – 315.5 M roll on a small area of your skin before actual use. If you experience any itching or unusual reactions, remove the tape right away and consult with your doctor;
  • Allow about one hour after you apply the tape before showering, bathing or commencing any activate that may cause you to perspire;
  • After a shower or bath while wearing this tape, we suggest patting it dry with a towel.

After Use

When removing K Tape, we recommend that you follow these principles:

  • Remove the tape in the direction of your hair growth. For most individuals, hair growth will be away from the centre of the body, but you should check to be sure;
  • Roll the tape gently off your skin, allowing your skin to stretch under it;
  • Do not remove the tape while your skin is wet.

This K Tape product comes in a 5 CM x 31.5 M roll size. It is available in colours black, beige (skin coloured), red and blue. Non professional users can choose to buy it as a lower cost 5M roll.




Beige, Black, Blue, Red

Roll Size

5CM x 31.5M


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