Instant Cold Pack (Box of 24)

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Box of 24

The Instant Cold Pack is a Disposable Single Use Cold Pack that can be used to deploy cold therapy treatment of injuries at a moment’s notice. It is for use with common aches, pains, swelling and bruising and will reduce pain and swelling. An indispensable component of every complete first aid kit.

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The Instant Cold pack is a disposable single use cold  pack for therapeutic treatment of common aches, pains, swelling and bruising. Use it to apply cold therapy if you have suffered a traumatic injury that is causing bleeding. The cold will constrict your blood vessels and reduce the bleeding.  A cold pack can also be used as an initial treatment for soft tissue injuries in order to reduce swelling and ease pain.

Cold compresses such as these are also useful in hot, humid and “muggy” conditions. You can use them as cooling pads to increase your comfort level. They will function just like reusable gel packs like the DynaPro Reusable Cold & Hot Pack when the latter is placed in a freezer to be used as an ice pack.

The instant cold pack can however be deployed in a matter of a few minutes whereas the reusable cold/hot pack must be placed in a freezer for at least one hour prior to use.

An essential component of any complete first aid kit.

This ice pack is not made with natural rubber latex.

Contains less than 28% nitrogen. Sold by the case of 24 packs.


  • Calcium Ammonium Nitrate
  • Water

Activating Your Instant Cold Pack

To activate your  instant pack:

  • Fold top to bottom to “POP” inner fluid bag;
  • Shake the instant pack;
  • Wrap the pack in cloth;
  • Apply to injured area.

Please see the product packaging for additional useful illustrations on the activation of your instant pack.


  • Do not apply the instant cold pack directly to your skin;
  • For single use only. Discard after use;
  • Do not attempt to reuse this cold pack by freezing, as frostbite may result;
  • Do not apply cold therapy for more than 20 minutes at a time;
  • Individuals with circulatory problems or diabetes should consult a physician prior to use;
  • Discard the instant pack if it is punctured or leaking;
  • Do not apply cold pack directly to an open wound;
  • Always test temperature for comfort lecel before application;
  • Harmful if swallowed. If accidentally swallowed, drink several glasses of water and call your local Poision Control Centre immediately;
  • Do not puncture the bag;
  • Keep away from eyes when activating the cold pack. Should its contents become exposed to skin or eyes, flood with water immediately and consult a physiacan;
  • Unattended use of this cold pack by children, elderly or incapacitated individuals is dangerous. Keep the  cold pack out of reach of children and pets.
Priced Per:

Box of 24


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