Face Shield for Eye, Nose & Mouth Protection

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The DynaPro Face Shield is reusable and provides full facial protection using a polycarbonate shield with anti fogging treatment to help ensure optimal vision in all conditions.

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The DynaPro Face Shield will provide comprehensive protection of the mucous membranes of your eyes, nose and mouth against invasion of foreign matter. It is made from polycarbonate for high impact resistance. For full facial coverage, it measures 33 cm in length by 22 cm in width. The shield will therefore provide complete facial coverage while allowing you to continue enjoying perfect vision (both straight ahead and peripheral).

The polycarbonate visor of the face shield also has an anti fog coating on both sides. This helps to ensure continued vision with no interference due to condensation of exhaled moisture. A comfortable head band secures the shield and will keep it in place even through vigorous activity.

Face shields are particularly useful if you are a healthcare worker who regularly performs aerosol generating procedures on your patients. Dental workers in particular will find these shields useful when working with patients and using instruments like dental handpieces, air water syringes, ultrasonic dental scalers, as these all generate an aerosol spray when in use. The US OSHA recommends the use of face shields by dental workers, even when the patient is not suspected of carrying a Covid-19 infection.

Face Shield Advantages Compared To Masks & Respirators

In comparison with other forms of facial protection such as masks and respirators, face shields are more comfortable in that there is nothing pressing against the skin of the face and potentially restricting breathing or speaking. This also results in less retained heat, i.e. better ventilation for the face. You can also easily disinfect and reuse them. As pointed out elsewhere on this site, you cannot reuse masks and respirators without risk of infection.

If you wear facial hair (e.g. beard or moustache) you may know from our post on (K)N95 respirators that this hair compromises the effectiveness of such respirators. This is not the case with face shields.

If you suffer from claustrophobia, you will be more comfortable with the feeling of greater space you will experience with face shields. Masks, respirators and goggles press directly against the skin of the face, whereas face shields do not.. They also provide all in one protection against all three mucous membrane areas of the face (eyes, nose and mouth). Of course, should you desire greater protection, you can always combine wearing a face shield with a mask or respirator.

Face Shield Cleaning Instructions

To clean your face shield, please follow the following instructions:

  • Submerge the shield in warm water in order to dislodge foreign particulate matter. Be careful to avoid creating surface scratches, although the shield has received anti scratch treats and this should not happen;
  • Add a mild liquid dishwasher to the warm water. This will reduce surface tension and allow the soapy water to disperse evenly across the surface of the polycarbonate visor;
  • After rinsing the shield for a few minutes in the warm soapy solution, use a soft cloth or sponge to gently clean it;
  • Rinse the shield in clear water and dry it using a soft cotton towel or (better) a microfiber cloth.

Important – avoid using household cleaners with ammonia. Do not use cleaners that claim to use a formula that works to clean glass surfaces. Athough they may be effective against glass, they may damage the polycarbonate visor surface and leave it in a permanently cloudy condition.

Do not use paper towels, as these can leave microscopic scratches that can over time impair your ability to see clearly through the visor. Of course, cleaners that contain any type of grit (e.g. toothpaste) should be strictly avoided.


Priced Per:

Case of 50

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  1. dsatro

    A practical and useful product. Does what it intends – protects/shields, gives user an additional protection to nose, mouth and in addition protects ones eyes.
    Easy to use and comfortable over face.
    My wife feels comfortable with it and uses it over her mask. She feels safer with it on if someone has to be in her immediate surroundings.

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