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Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tapes are used to support injured soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments and tendons. If these tissues receive appropriate support, they will have an opportunity to rest and recover. In addition to support, taping can also provide compression to an injury. This will improve circulation in the area of the injury and will also promote healing.

Adhesive taping involves direct contact between the skin and the adhesive used in the tape. Those with sensitive skin may find that this results in an adverse skin reaction, especially if they have an allergic sensitivity to latex. However, tapes are increasingly being manufactured using latex free adhesives. This (obviously) eliminates latex sensitivity as an issue of concern for such individuals. The tapes in this section are all latex free and hypoallergenic. As such they are ideally suited for those with sensitive skin.

Compared to orthopedic bracing, taping is a low profile approach to injury treatment that does not interfere unduly with freedom of movement. It also conforms more closely to contoured body areas. However, the correct application of adhesive tape require significant knowledge and training. It is also more time consuming then orthopedic bracing, especially since the tape may have to be applied several times in a short period.

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