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Hand Hygiene

Hand sanitizers and their role in hand hygiene have recently gained new importance as a result of the fight respiratory infections like the one that causes COVID-19. For optimal hand hygiene results, a hand sanitizer should contain between 60% and 75% alcohol concentration. The type of alcohol it contains can be either ethyl alcohol (ethanol) or isopropyl alcohol.

Hand sanitizers can come in gel, spray and other forms, with each having its individual advantages. As a group, they offer significant convenience advantages over the traditional soap and water approach to hand hygiene. You can carry them with you wherever you go. You can also use spray sanitizers to clean objects that large numbers of people may have handled (e.g. gas pump handles, elevator buttons) before you touch them yourself.

Although sanitizers are convenient hand hygiene accessories when “on the go”, they are not the optimal choice when your hands are visibly dirty. In these situations, it is best to find a place where soap and water are available and use them.

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